Inside I'm Racing

Inside I'm Racing

Short Film

Released March 2017
A young autistic boy fascinated with motorsport unexpectedly finds a chance to put his passion to the test.

Fifteen-year-old Jamie is autistic. Isolated from the world, he devotes all his time to his special interest – race cars. His room is shrouded with posters, magazines, technical charts and he spends hours playing car racing video games. Jamie’s parents, Marie and Andy, struggle to keep up with the payments for Jamie’s therapy.  It’s made harder by Marie’s mother who sees no difference in Jamie with the treatment, and constantly says it’s no use.  Katie is a loving sister to Jamie, and she is playful to his many quirks, but all too often her cries for attention are in vain as their parents’ focus is entirely on Jamie.

Everyone loves Jamie though and wants him to be as happy as possible so they take him to a motorsport event where he can look at all the supercars and watch the races.  As the adults discuss about what to do with Jamie’s ongoing therapy, they lose sight of Jamie for a moment.  After a few anxious moments they see him… behind the wheel of a race car heading out onto the track. Fifteen-year-old Jamie not only loves race cars and knows everything about them.  He’s a driver.

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It costs €15,000 and 2 years to train each autism assistance dog which takes number of your kind gestures and donations to provide one dog to a family challenged with autism.  With over 500 families on the waiting list, the challenge each day is finding a person, group or organisation that will 'Sponsor a Puppy'.  

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Enjoy the movie, thank you for your Goodwill and support for this wonderful cause.



BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival Black 2018
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY NOMINEE - The Richard Harris International Film Festival 2018
BEST SHORT FILM - Culture  Diversity Film Festival 2018
6 Best Category Nominations - 9th Underground Cinema Film Festival Black - 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cork Film Festival 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTION -  Chicago Irish Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Kerry Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 33rd Boston Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION -  Waterford Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Awareness Film Festival 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTION - A Rebel Minded Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - British Irish Film Festival Luxembourg 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Ojai Short Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 9th Underground Cinema Short Film Awards 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION -  Still Voices Short Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION -  Sport Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION -  Shebeen Flick Irish Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Boston Kids Film Festival 2017




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