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A champion sailor abandons her visceral connection with the ocean as her spirit sinks following tragic bereavement.

“Cynicism can strangle your spirit, but belief without reason is a dangerous thing.”

“BECKONING”  is a coming of age story, told with realism and honesty.  As a young girl, Jillian is fearless, confident and in command of her own destiny.  Out on the ocean, where she competes for sailing honours, she is a true champion.  Her life is balanced, and she has a natural affinity with her craft.

The story will bring the audience on an emotional journey of ‘Darkness into Light’.  This heartfelt film will reach the audience deeply, with a sense of mysticism and mystic mythology of spiritual belief.   The film will be told through well paced storytelling.  The audience will see the change in Jillian as soon as the tragedy of her mother and brother is revealed.  Entering a phase of bewilderment and darkness, the audience will be captivated by Jillian’s unexpected and quick inwardly decline.

Michael, Jillian’s father, has to come to terms with the loss of his wife, and son, whilst managing his young daughter’s emotional withdrawal, most visibly through her avoidance of sailing.   Attempts to support Jillian’s grief test his resolve as he tries to connect emotionally with his daughter.

The calling of the Ocean is ever present. A deep, inwardly sense that somehow Jillian’s connection to the water is a bridge back to enlightenment, happiness, a way back into the Light.

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