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Sunlight Studios attracts visual artists from a bustling city to a suburban town by offering a creative space. When the town becomes run down the art movement goes underground. Years later the survivors of this art movement tell their story in the midst of a cultural arts revivial with the town becoming once again, a destination for the arts.

As word spreads of this flourishing artistic haven, talented individuals from far and wide are drawn to this town, eager to contribute to its thriving cultural renaissance.



Scéal is a collective of creatives from all artistic disciplines in North County Dublin in Ireland. The only rule is BE YOURSELF and the scéal is building an underground movement focused on making Balbriggan a Destination for the Arts.

Scéal is an arts collective comprising 160+ of creative people from all disciplines from visual arts to music and everything in between, with the goal of developing an underground arts movement to make Balbriggan a Destination for the Arts.


Aidan Whelan

Writer / Producer Aidan Whelan owns and runs Wildflower Pictures, an award-winning Irish production company which was established in 2015.  Wildflower Pictures develops, produces and markets factual, scripted TV Series and independent Motion Films.  On the current Wildflower Pictures slate is an Academy Award Winning Screenplay Motion Film, and TV Series in development with US partners.

Inside I’m Racing (2017) is a multi-award winning Irish production themed on an autistic boy with a passion for motor-sport.

Cinematographer & editor

Richard Geraghty

Cinematographer and editor of A DESTINATION FOR THE ARTS. Musician with The Greengrass Candidates.



Two-time emmy award winner, challenging assumptions for 20 years in storytelling and tech. Chairperson of SCÉAL.

A DESTINATION FOR THE ARTS is a feature documentary set in the heart of a small, once-forgotten town, that is going through a remarkable transformation. A collective of local visual artists breathe new life into the community's cultural revival. A Destination for the Arts is a captivating feature documentary that delves into the inspiring journey of these artists and the creativity that unfolds around a magnificent new theater and music institute.

Through vibrant storytelling and breathtaking cinematography, the feature documentary explores the indomitable spirit of the town's visual artists. With each stroke of their brushes, they infuse the community with a renewed sense of vibrancy and imagination. The film celebrates their skill, creativity, and their ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary masterpieces.

The documentary showcases artists in their element, capturing their unique artistic processes and the boundless passion that fuels their work. Viewers are transported into a world where colors dance, textures come alive, and emotions are captured through strokes of brilliance. We witness the artists as they channel their life experiences, cultural heritage, and personal stories into breathtaking pieces that reflect the diverse tapestry of the town.

As the film unfolds, we witness the incredible impact of the new theater and music institute. This hub of artistic excellence becomes a catalyst for collaboration, experimentation, and innovation. Local artists from various disciplines converge, exchanging ideas and pushing the boundaries of their craft. The institute becomes a vibrant melting pot, where the fusion of visual art, theater, and music creates a powerful symphony of creativity.

A Destination for the Arts celebrates the town's artistic renaissance, emphasizing the profound connection between art and community. It showcases how the artists' unique visions and talents not only uplift their own lives but also breathe new life into the town, attracting visitors and fostering a sense of pride and identity.

Through intimate interviews, the artists share their personal journeys, revealing the transformative power of art in their lives. Their stories serve as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the universal language of creativity. The documentary invites us to embrace the wonders of art, encouraging viewers to explore their own creative potential and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

A Destination for the Arts is a visually stunning and emotionally uplifting documentary that celebrates the power of visual art, the remarkable talents of the local artists, and the transformative revival of cultural expression in a small town. It is an ode to the human imagination, reminding us of the limitless possibilities that reside within us all.


A Destination for the Arts is a feature documentary detailing the art movement in Balbriggan, a thriving seaside town on the East coast of Ireland. The project, with it's exhibition release will advocate for the community wellbeing activities of Thrive Balbriggan. Thrive Balbriggan is part of an international movement that supports communities through engagement and activities that build and nurture our mental health and wellbeing. The programme is shaped and led by residents and health services within the community and supported by Mental Health Ireland.


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